Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Layers. Transparency.  Both deal with the perception of spatial locations, but transparency is multiple layers being viewed at once.  The Industrial Evolution contains both these elements, through the typography being printed on transparencies, or the pasting of dots onto the page.  It's obvious the contents of this book could have be done on the computer in illustrator or photoshop.  But by have a physical artifact it allows for immediate experience with the relationship of the typography and the dot abstractions.  This relationship enhances the viewers ability to absorb the abstract concepts more quickly then with out the initial reading of the word and composition simultaneously.  This will lead to a cleaner, more precise interpretation from the viewer, after completing the book.  This layering of typography also adds wonderful tactility and interaction with the viewer.  Making them feel more connected with the book, thus allowing themselves to be suspended in the world the book is creating.  Yet the typography and dot compositions where done separately, this unplanned relationship, serendipity, can act as a way to further help me understand the relationship of type and image.  I will be able to find moments in the combination that I know were completely unplanned, and take and learning from them.  Analyzing what it is in the relationships that are appealing and what are not, and what added communication is being perceived by the viewer.  At this point I am just anxious to see the final project and continue learning from it.

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