Saturday, September 4, 2010


Keeping in mind the critique from our large letter form drawings we were asked to again do large drawings which amplify the characteristics the the typeface while adding the type anatomy terms we learned earlier that week.  Adding labels and focusing on information design which interacts with the overall composition.  I did so with a little help of press type,  but only after experimenting with hand drawn lettering.  Though I found that it took away from the machined, perfect, look of the type faces I chose (Bodoni & Clarendon).  In Bodoni I played off the thin and thick lines that are seen in the typeface.  While in Clarendon I focused on the overall stability of the letter, to me it seems to resemble a tight rope walker.  Although I feel as if that idea isn't clear without an explanation.  Information wise I used the terms cap height, stem, bracket, baseline, serif, x-height, and ascender.

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