Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The positive and negative feelings of Pantone colors

Bright Red- 186
Positive: Love, kissing, cupid, speed, passion, sweet, tasty, depth, simple
Negative:  Rage, Anger, Blood, kill, pain, bruise, heart

Vibrant Orange- 1585
Positive:  Energy, speed, wired, juiced, jumping, outdoors, gifted, present, giving
Negative:  Awkward, clunky, organic, young, overwhelming

Bright Yellow- 116
Positive:  Joy, Happy, Togetherness, connection, speed, energy, youthful
Negative:  Ignorant bliss, dumb, blinding, starving, young

Earth Brown- 438
Positive:  Grounded, calm, understanding, wise, smart, satisfied, consistant
Negative:  Slow, Old, smelly, dirty, dark, downward,

Deep Blue- 2747
Positive:  Nurturing, comfort, soothing, understanding,  soft, gentle, quite, ocean rhythm
Negative:  Slow, blockade, short, sad, sorrow, depression,  rain

Chartreuse Green- 584
Positive:  Change, bliss, tall, youthful, environmental, speed, rich
Negative:  Failure, puke, snot, gross, slime, germs, stupid

Blue Purple- 267
Positive:  Swimming, ocean, fish, rhythm, calm, consistency,  uniform, collected, royalty
Negative:  Claustrophobic, slow, pressure, encapsulating, underlaying

Charcoal Gray- 425
Positive:  Solid, consistent, understanding, level-headed
Negative:  Dark, dreary, rainy, stuffy, bland

Positive: Purity, cleanliness, perfection, simplicity,
Negative:  Holy, uncomplete, unfinished, blank, empty

Positive:  Rich, fulfilling, solid, seemless,
Negative:  Empty, never-ending, dense, heavy, oil, night, 

I would have posted the color samples of the pms colors, but I didn't want to run the risk of everyone viewing them differently and thus creating different emotional responses.  So if you would like to see the colors for yourself check out the Pantone Color Bridge // coated.

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