Sunday, September 19, 2010


Most of the information I got for the history of my logo came from a wonderful 5 part (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) blog post from Todd Klein. In his entries he is focusing on the logo primarily in it's comic book format from Artist Bob Kane.  This means it is typically in an illustrative fashion.  As opposed by the refined version which I recreated from the Batman Movie (1989) directed by Tim Burton. 

This symbol that represents the dark knight constantly goes through tons ofchanges, yet still retains the same basic characteristics.  A sharp and rounded width bat form usually with two points at the top of the bats head.


As you can plainly see the logo of the comic seems to change according to the time period and which "batman" its representing. 

The most iconic emblem people relate to batman was created in 1964, Detective Comics #327 introduces the Bat-logo as a yellow ellipse behind the insignia against the grey color of the batsuit after Julius Schwartz decided that the symbol with the yellow oval would make Batman look more contemporary (
The yellow and black combination of the logo represents the night in which batman does all of his hero-ing.

Batman Movie Posters

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