Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Creating so many mind maps in such a sort amount of time really allowed me to refine my thinking process and come up with a satisfying end result. Most of the images were pathways I followed to the end.  Although that end path started right where Jamie tried to direct us in the first place.  I exhausted my mind with endless topics that seemed to end up nowhere.  Good thing I was able to step back (with the kindness of the labor day break) and start over, with one of the original umbrella topics, Domesticity.  Which finally lead to the idea of factory & industry, a changing line of work in America these days.  Our country was built on it's ability to use its factory as a way of creating goods for consumers while making profit and providing jobs, yet now those jobs which were founded in those factories cease to exist.  The factory is then left, abandoned and ignored, rusting and deteriorating. 
Book Title: Industrial Evolution.

12 Words: Utilitarian, Creation, Demanding, Force(Power), Complexity, Capacity, Grinding (Friction), Stress, Smoke, Terrifying, Deteriorated, Ignore.

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  1. This is a good post. There is clarity in your writing and specificity to your own project progress. Model your future posts off of this one.

    Captions would help clarify why you included those image examples.