Thursday, October 7, 2010


Kansas City AIGA, A REEL DESIGN FILM SERIES, hosted TYPEFACE a film about the Hamilton wood type museum in North East, Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  The film addresses the struggle of a dying practice of wood type printing.  The digressing nature of a experiential process, the efficiency of printing with wooden type blocks is getting overthrown by the speed of the modern computer.  The intent of this film seems to be to aware the public of the wonders and connections someone can make with ink and wooden letter forms.  Yet seems to be distracted by the characters established in the film.  Dennis Ichiyama  a professor at Purdue, is one of these characters, along with the curator of the museum and former employees.   Overall I feel as if the film was not as successful at pulling people into the museum because of its ability to (unintentionally?) highlight the negative aspects of the small town of Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  The home of the ice cream sundae.  Not to mention the "main character" the museums curator quits his job to take up painting.  But a trip would be nice for a day or two, just to experience the history of how my practice came to be what it is today.  Not to mention it was good to see that a large majority of the audience was KCAI affiliated, and a majority of those were typography 1 students.

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