Saturday, October 2, 2010


We have moved from dots to line compositions.  Again exploring abstract communication of selected themes.  Regularity, Progression, and Random line compositions. The first image is of a Basic composition with Regularity and the second is a Complex composition (combination of multiple basics) communicating Progression.

These are just some different line exploration compositions I have come across by artist Joe Kievitt.

THE NEW BASICS draws a connection between design theory and our current project with an explanation of using a transitioning figure ground relationship like we have explored in our complex line studies.  The first image has an alternating illusion between the 2 smaller lines and the 3 larger ones.  Which of the lines is in front of the other? Which is the positive and which is the negative?
While rhythm in the line compositions are what generate the progressive feel of the second line study. 
Then the introduction of three dimensional surfaces with 2 dimensional imagery literally adds a whole new dimensional to the studies, lines began to bend in space and conform to the planes they were projected on. This information is then again translated back to 2-D (photographed) which flattens the lines and creates the "simulation" of spatial volume.

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