Saturday, August 28, 2010


Drawing a lowercase a could be my favorite letter of all to draw, this certainly wouldn't have been the first time I have looked at the specific form of "a", but it was the first time I have done it actually for a class. I guess this whole design program will take some getting used to.  Being surrounded by other people who also enjoy the same quirks as me.  Yet understand that it is all for a purpose, we are not doing this just because we love it, but because we love it and are craving more knowledge about it.  Everything I have learned in the past and everything that I've done is being put aside to focus on what I missed in the first place.  The Basics. I love it.  Hopefully one day I will be able to tell people to draw 100 arrows in 10 minutes and analyze the drawings as Jamie has, telling me things about my thought process I didn't even realize were going on at the time.   Exhausting the cliché to refine creativity.

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