Sunday, August 29, 2010


I really would have loved to have any other letter besides "o"... Drawing a large scale o in futura (bodoni and garamond) consisted of too much math, and the dirtiest I have been at art school yet.  1:.625 the ratio of the large circle to the smaller.  Meaning if I were to make a 35" radius outer circle the inner would be 22.5".   But besides being overwhelmingly symmetrical, futura offers a sense of simplicity other fonts do not.  The o is what it is at it's simplest form a circle.  The line weight and the counter are solid and stable.  The geometric sans font was created out of geometric shapes, hence the name.


  1. Patrick,

    You did a great job with these photos, despite your dislike for the futura 'o'. In the futura (funny, huh), I would add another photo that documents your final compositions at a close distance. (as well as keeping the contextual view)